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Lachlann's Legacy

An 11th-century highlander must deceive a lovely woman living among outcasts in order to save his priory, but it’s his heart that’s truly at stake…

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On a quest for lost silver belonging to the priory, three warriors must don pilgrims' garb to be accepted among the cave dwellers who believe they descend from the ancient Picts.

Lachlann is a man of honor with no connection to his past. He's been both a warrior and a scholar but his biggest challenge will be playing the part of a devout pilgrim.

Ethne longs for the life she had before sickness took her parents and ripped their family apart. She hasn't been safe ever since.

What readers are saying...

"...Hidden treasure, a quest for the Church, a maiden in distress, and three bold warriors make for a magnificently medieval tale of treachery, adventure, and romance!..."

"...There’s adventure, betrayal, deceit and secrets to be unraveled..."



"...The author nicely blended her characters into a well developed plot, filled with adventure...

"Ms. York’s historical research is amazing. The details woven into the story really bring it to life."

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