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The Warrior Kings

The Complete Collection

After the death of Brian Boru and before the Norman invasion, Ireland was ruled by...the Warrior Kings

Curse of the Healer

Eyes of the Seer

Daughter of the Overking

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After the death of Brian Boru and before the Norman invasion, Ireland was ruled by...the Warrior Kings

What readers are saying...

"If you’re looking for a tempting historical romance with treachery, murder, suspense, and heart-pounding romance, pick up Daughter of the King today. While it’s standalone, I highly recommend reading the whole series. Simply delightful!" (on Daughter of the Overking)

"Curse of the Healer by Ashley York is a tale worthy to be re-read over and over again. It pulls at the heartstrings, and also leaves you on the edge of your seat for worry over the characters. I was excited to read Aednat’s story because we were introduced to her in The Norman Conquest Series. A disabled heroine that focuses on healing, not expecting love, but has oh so much to give."

"Eyes of the Seer was a wonderful mix of rich history and gallant romance! Eyes of the Seer is storytelling at its best presenting a top-notch read!"

"Ms. York’s historical research is amazing. The details woven into the story really bring it to life."

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Meet Ashley

Where History Takes a Passionate Turn . . .


Two things you should know about me right up front. I’m a hard-core romantic. And I love history.


I believe true love does exist and once found, can transform your life from a solitary journey into a passionate adventure. Easier said than done sometimes but writing about the infinite number of possibilities, working out the exact when and where, and developing the character's personal journey to get there, thrills me to no end. 


I love history with larger than life heroes, chivalrous knights, lords and ladies, castles, manors, battles and conquests. These are the foundations for passionate, historical romance novels. That’s what I write.  There is nothing like the intense emotions sparked between a driven, hard-working medieval warrior and a feisty damsel in a quandary, often not of her own making.