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scan0001Ashley York lives in New England with her husband, three children, and three very spoiled animals. She has her MA In History and has learned to love research, especially with primary documents.

Ashley is fascinated by the high Middle Ages in Scotland, England, and Ireland. There are so many world-changing events taking place here from their participation in the Crusades to the Battle of Hastings that formally connected the islands to the continent. Before the Declaration of Arbroath, before William Wallace,  before the Doomsday Book, the area was ripe for great events and they never failed to deliver. It is on this combustible backdrop that she creates characters with the same desires and motivations as we have today.

In December 2013 she released her debut novel, The Bruised Thistle, the story of a proud Highlander, Seumas MacDonell,  who responded to the papal bull Quantum praedecessores  issued by Pope Eugenius III and joined  what would be known as the Second Crusade.  Like most involved, Seumas romanticized the First Crusade but found the political posturing  fell short of his own religious belief. He came back physically injured and mentally  broken. It is the love of Iseabail MacNaughton, herself a victim, that renews his zeal and purpose for life. Together they heal their wounds , becoming stronger as one, able to overcome life’s troubles.

When she is not writing , or thinking about writing, or talking about writing, Ashley relaxes by visiting the local pubs listening to live Celtic tunes, participating with her guitar, voice, and whistle. In the words of one of her favorite songs, she enjoys “… singing songs to pass the night away…” in true Irish fashion.

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  1. Ashley I think it looks lovely. Soft and inviting. I want to know more about your writing and you. I like it very much.

  2. I like the website, Ashley. Very nice.

  3. You can’t miss with Eilean Donan at the top of your website opening page!! It’s lovely!

  4. Ashley, the small changes make it feel very welcoming.

  5. I LOVE your new website, Ashley! Just lovely… :0)

  6. Clean lines and easy to navigate, pictures to hold attention and add color. Fabulous!

  7. Beautiful website, Ashley! Very inviting.

  8. I agree– inviting design, great choice of banner photo and personal photo. Focused, interesting, informative! All the best!

  9. Annie Kelly

    Love your blog. And loved your story (very attaching characters!)

  10. Ashley, your site looks great! And, I signed up with my newsletter address to receive by email…Happy Valentine’s Day!

  11. Nice job, Ashley! I look forward to your posts!

  12. This is a beautiful website, Ashley!

  13. It’s lovely, Ashley!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  14. It’s a beautiful website, Ashley. No wonder you’re proud of it!

  15. Love you get more personal :)

  16. April Mosely

    Just ordered your book for my Kindle. Give you a review after I read it! Looks good though!

  17. Kathy Heare Watts

    Thanks for sharing with us! Happy 4th of July

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