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A New Series 

A new series is always so exciting - like the first day of school! It's also very time consuming when you want to get it just right. That's what I'm up to now and the deadline for my first draft is looming just on the horizon which isn't exciting at all. I've written and re-written several openings. But then, finally, I got it right! Want to know how I knew it was right? I was excited again :)

So now I get to massage in all the details as I layer on the specifics. It's amazing to me how many questions I don't answer until I actually start writing. I had an outline for the series. I had an outline for the book. I had an outline for each chapter. But until those characters come to "life" on the page, some things I just don't know.


My new hero is an old friend - Lachlann, first introduced in The Gentle Knight. He is the one who escorts Brighit to the Priory where she is to spend her life as a bride of Christ. We see him again in The Irish Warrior when he helps Thomasina. Thomasina has such a special place in her heart for him that she names one of her sons after him. 

Well, that's my update. I best get back to work.

Have a wonderful summer!




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