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The Seventh Son

Book Four
The Norman Conquest Series

Amazon #1 Best Selling Historical Romance Series

The Seventh Son by Ashley York

Published: March 10, 2016

Series: The Norman Conquest Series, Book Four

Paperback: 324 pages

ISBN-13: 978-0990864080

Drogheda, Ireland 1076

The sixth son bears a curse as certain as the seventh son bears a blessing. When Tadhg MacNaughton’s betrothed is ripped from his arms and married to another, he believes the legend is true.

Tisa O’Brien’s life slams into a downward spiral at the news she is no longer betrothed to the love of her life but to the tanist of a warring, prideful clan with dangerous political aspirations—the Meic Lochlainn. She faces her destiny with all the strength and dignity of her Irish heritage despite dealing with a husband who resents her, fighting off the lustful advances of her father-in-law, Aodh, and longing for the husband of her heart.

Tadhg MacNaughton makes a deal with the devil to ensure the survival of his clan as he is commanded to fight with Aodh who envisions himself the new Brian Boru, High King of Eire. Up close and personal, Tadhg must witness his true love’s marriage and remain silent even as it rips him apart. When a sinister plot to over thrown King William of England led by the exiled Leofrid Godwin and Clan Meic Lochlainn comes to light, Tadhg is faced with saving his clan or endangering his sister and her Norman husband.

An Irish beauty and a warrior betrayed—doomed in love from the start or does fate have something else in store for them?

"I found Ms. York’s knowledge of Medieval Ireland very impressive, as well as her accuracy of historical details, and I’m very picky about these two points. The Seventh Son is well written, the descriptions are vivid, and again the historical accuracy is definitely a noteworthy point. Ms. York knows how to keep a reader on her toes!"


"Ms. York is a very talented author and a very descriptive writer. I strongly recommend this fantastic read!



"The author has a keen ear for dialogue and clearly knows it: her characters are wonderfully talkative, and the novel is skillfully plotted, a very adroit balancing act between historical action and romance."


“We are welcomed to journey to an Ireland of long ago with Tadhg and Tisa as their pathways entwine and are broken apart only to come together for their destiny. We are greeted by old friends, have questions answered, and celebrate families. Thoroughly enjoyed this book.”

"York expertly combines her historical knowledge with romance and intrigue in this alluring tale of parted lovers whose greatest desire is to be together once again."


“This was my first Ashley York book. What a treat! It has all the things that make a medieval romance great. Sensuous love scene, plenty of evil villains to worry about, and lots of action. All culminating in a happily ever after. There are subplots woven into the story that are central to the development of the story but don’t detract from the romance. Ms. York’s historical research is amazing. The details woven into the story really bring it to life.” 

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