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The Saxon Bride

Book One
The Norman Conquest Series

Amazon #1 Best Selling Historical Romance Series


To the victor goes the spoils . . .

Rowena Godwinson is the sole remaining member of the defeated royal family and she will not go willingly into this forced marriage to King William’s most favored knight, not when it means facing the ultimate humiliation of being shared by his men. John of Normandy is a soldier made for battle. He needs neither a title nor a bride. Winning over a bunch of heathen Saxons and some crazed woman only deepens his determination to remove himself from England.

Returning five years later to find a woman passionate enough to satisfy his deepest desires makes John reconsider staying until he realizes that it is his own wife. Rowena’s struggles against the enemy’s occupation fade away in the pleasurable arms of her Norman husband but will he bring her people to their knees in his attempts to please his liege lord? Or can she win him over to the Saxon’s side even while one of her own plots to overthrow the bastard king?

Published: August 8, 2014

Series: The Norman Conquest Series, Book One

Paperback: 222 pages

ISBN-13: 978-0990864028

“A beautiful first novel to lead off the Norman Conquest Series. I’m a big fan of Medieval political intrigue, and this novel had plenty. Well done!”


National Bestselling Author

“I love political intrigue and this story has it in spades. Of course, the love story between John and Rowena doesn’t hurt the story either. Enjoy, all you fans medieval era stories”


“This historical romance set in eleventh-century England is an intriguing read that grabs one’s attention from the beginning and doesn’t let go until the very end. Action filled with danger, betrayal, lust, murder, political machinations, and love, this entertaining story is hard to put down! The characters are likable and engaging, and the plot moves at a good pace with many twists and turns.” 


“A touching and at times heart-wrenching story comes to life with a hero and heroine who are fallible and multidimensional, one cannot help but empathize with and like them. This author exemplifies how a book can combine history and romance effortlessly and hold its audience until the last page.” 


“The writing grabs you from the first & keeps hold of you, full of twists, turns & surprises you’re going to read this in one sitting. I also advise keeping tissue nearby. Wonderful characters both the hero & heroine, but the secondary characters are just as well developed. A great Medieval romp. You won’t be disappointed.”

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