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“Ashley York has spun a tale of love, lust, and conquering obstacles.”

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The Nature of All Things Medieval

Welcome to the Fall session of the Medieval Monday Blog hop or #MedMonFall20 as we like to tweet it. I'm actually staying right here this time but all the participating authors can be found on the Medieval Romance Lovers Facebook group page. Check out their snippets! And now my snippet...

I'm actually sharing from my backlist, book two of the Norman Conquest series, The Gentle Knight, where readers were first introduced to Lachlann. Lachlann is the hero of my upcoming release, Lachlann's Legacy. Enjoy!


Niall mounted his black horse in one easy sweep of his leg and urged it toward Brighit. He bent over and reached his arm out to her. “Might I give you a hand up?”

“What?” Brighit’s confusion was evident. “What are we doing?”

Peter sighed and closed the distance between them. “They’re bringing your ‘guardians’ back to the coast. We need one of them to ride with us so we can have two to a horse.”

He glanced over at Niall’s cocky smirk and his blood boiled. “Lachlann! Your horse looks sturdier, what say you come with us and let your leader... lead.”


A medieval soldier returns home to find his lover died in childbirth just as his own mother had. Believing he is cursed, Peter of Normandy turns from love. When he must give escort to an Irish princess more noble than many knights, he struggles with his decision to live a solitary life. Can he take the chance that his love won’t be a death sentence and possibly make them stronger?

Padraig MacNaughton’s death-bed decree rips his daughter, Brighit, from the shelter of her protective clan in Ireland. Forced to take vows at a Priory in England, she finds herself in the hands of lecherous mercenaries with their own agendas. Dare she trust the Norman knight to see her safely to her new life as a nun? Even when she finds in him the fulfillment of all she’s ever wanted?

Or will honor and duty eclipse their one chance for happiness?

Available HERE

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Wonderful introduction to Medieval Monday, Ashley.


Another great start to our nature theme for Medieval Monday, Ashley!


A wonderful start to Medieval Monday, Ashley!


Great introduction to the latest Medieval Monday--and to Lachlann :) Looking forward to more.


Sep 21, 2020

Happy Medieval Monday, Ashley! Love the start to this season's snippets!

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