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Sorcerers and Dragons

Welcome back for another Medieval Monday. This is week eleven and the end is in sight. The first kiss is one of my favorite themes and these authors are definitely doing it right. Today I have Daryl Devore with The Last Dragon filled with sorcery and dragons, who can resist?

You can follow along with my excerpt from Lachlann's Legacy over at her sweet to heat blog. Enjoy!


The sky darkened as the wind roared through the trees. Leaves fell, sticking to her face, arms and hair. A flash blinded her. The branch of a tree cracked and smashed its way through the other branches to the ground.

Derry’s horse whinnied and reared. Hands slick with rain, she lost her grip and fell. The thick grass cushioned her fall. She rolled aside, avoiding the terrified horse’s hooves.

See last week’s snippet on Eliza Knight’s blog -

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A sorcerer craving dominance merged with a dragon, the power overwhelmed him causing him to split into three dragons. Demora ruled thought, but was lost in time. Yidithe offered protection, shining like the light of the sun. Ayrradex craved chaos, revelling in destroying souls.

Many knights died, attempting to slay the devil beast. One knight, Prince Hawkyns, did not fear death. He’d lost everything. Away on a mission when Ayrradex attacked his father’s kingdom, Penrythe, Hawkyns returned to find his noble father – feeble and defeated. His wise mother – crazed. His beautiful wife and unborn child - dead. Only a pile of ashes remained for him to bury. He knelt before his King and vowed to slay the devil-beast or be slain.

Derry was born with powers that terrified her parents. They delivered her to a nunnery to be raised in secret. Jathe, a wise sorceress, discovered the young girl and trained her to one day use the secret hidden in her soul.

Legends spoken around campfires hinted the sole way to destroy Ayrradex was when the hearts of a knight and a golden dragon became one. But after a vicious battle with Ayrradex, the golden dragon was thought to be dead.

Can Prince Hawkyns’s bravery and Derry’s powers end the reign of the devil-beast’s terror?

Available in Ebook: Amazon and Books2read

and in print: Amazon and Books2read

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Anastasia Abboud
Anastasia Abboud
Apr 22, 2021

Yikes! I can absolutely see it! Great snippet, Daryl!


Before even delving into this exciting book, who can resist the lure of the title: The Last Dragon :) Delightful snippet !


Apr 19, 2021

Excitement and danger! Great snippet, Daryl!

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