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Not Everyone Obeys Fate's Plans

Welcome back for week 12 of the #MedMonSpring21 Blog hop. This is probably my very favorite theme and I hope you're enjoying these snippets. When you weave the snippets all together, you get a tantalizing glimpse of some wonderful medieval, scenes and more books for your TBR;)

Today I have Author Celeste Barclay with a peek into book one of her Viking Glory series, Leif.

You can find my next snippet from Lachlann's Legacy over at her blog. Enjoy!


“I’ve seen the battle begin, and I’ve seen Einar ride to Hakin’s side, but the gods haven’t revealed more yet. When we go ashore, I can cast the runes to try for more guidance. There is no guarantee I will learn enough to give you the upper hand even though I believe that’s why the gods had you rescue me. People can change the future by the choices they make in the present. Not everyone obeys fate’s plans.”

“Alright. There’s something I would have us go back to. You’ve seen we are to wed, but is that what you want?”

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Fate brought them together. Free will binds them.

After months at sea, Leif Ivarrson wants nothing more than to revel in the comforts of home. Yet when word arrives that a new threat has invaded their land, Leif is forced to take up his sword once more. Tasked with rescuing a jarl’s niece, Sigrid, from this malicious enemy, Leif departs on a journey that will alter the course of his fate.

Since she was a young girl, Sigrid Torbensdóttir’s visions have been both a blessing and a curse. Now a grown woman and powerful seer, she knew enemies would come for her, eager to exploit her gift. Yet her visions taught her that fate could not be denied or ignored. As she had foreseen it, the heroic Viking would save her and sweep them both up in the raging storm of inescapable destiny.

Drawn together by the will of the gods, Leif and Sigrid battle to save their people from a rival tribe’s scramble for power. Will their blossoming love survive the tests of war and family? Can a match created by fate withstand the machinations of man?

Set sail for adventure in this steamy Viking romance sure to leave you breathless! Norse lore meets passion and intrigue in Leif, written by Celeste Barclay!

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Well, is it? Do you want to get married?? Let's see what the answer is. Hurry next week ;)


Anastasia Abboud
Anastasia Abboud
Apr 26, 2021

Isn't he a sweetheart? Happy Medieval Monday, ladies!


And what will happen next? Wonderful snippet, Celeste! Happy Medieval Monday!

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