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“Ashley York has spun a tale of love, lust, and conquering obstacles.”

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Lachlann's Legacy - WeWriWar

It's Sunday and I remembered something....Weekend Writing Warrior! It's a group of writers sharing 8-10 line snippets of one of their WIPs. I always assumed because of the name that these writers were not full-time authors. Not true. And the group is usually very eclectic so you can get a taste of whatever genre hits you fancy.

My snippet is from my latest release, Lachlann's Legacy. It begins today where Lachlann learns of his quest. Yes, this is a romance. Yes, it is historical. Eleventh century to be precise. And one more thing...Enjoy :)


Lachlann followed them into the dimly lit interior of the chapel. Father Michael directed them to sit, but he remained standing. A small leather parcel had appeared from somewhere among the nun’s many layers of material and now rested in her lap.

When she looked at Lachlann, her eyes danced with excitement. “This winter has been exceedingly hard on the priory. Rivers changing course to divide our fields. Trees being ripped out from the roots to fall on the buttery.”

Lachlann’s shoulders tightened with concern. “But all are well? No one was hurt?”


On a quest to uncover hidden treasure, a highlander tries to protect a vulnerable but strong-willed outcast while fighting his feelings for her.

Ethne is a woman of fortitude, intelligence, and pride, but her life is about to change for the worst. Either she'll be forced into marriage or forced to flee her home. She'll need to call on all her strengths to accept the biggest challenge of all: trusting the pilgrim that holds her heart.

Lachlann is a man of honor, integrity, and passion, but he's never met a female so fearless that she thrives on every attempt to subdue her. When he finally earns her trust, will finding out the truth about him be the death knell to that spirit?



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