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“Ashley York has spun a tale of love, lust, and conquering obstacles.”

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A Pleasant Glade

Welcome back for another Medieval Monday. Today I have Bambi Lynn with a snippet from A Knight in Rusted Armor. And I'm over at her blog with my next snippet from Lachlann's Legacy. Enjoy!


As usual, Paul continued his chatter as though he needed no audience. Allys smiled and nodded as required. She often found her thoughts drifting to Thorin, and she struggled to force them back to the man at her side.

“Did you not tell me there was a lake nearby? For certes ’twould make a lovely spot for a picnic.”

“No,” Allys said quickly. Paul looked at her with surprise. Allys shifted her gaze. Images of a naked knight with long blond hair rising from the water sprang to her mind. Somehow she did not want Paul there. He might in some way distort that image. “Too many people know of the place,” she said.

Instead she led him to a pleasant glade near the edge of the forest. The three of them dismounted, and Paul left Fanny to unpack and set out their picnic. Taking Allys’ elbow, he led her away from where Fanny worked.


Allys Stone would risk repute as a ruined woman to gain control of her life. Thorin Svenson would battle the most skilled knights in the realm to win her. Theirs is a love story of fairy tales and wild passion, a battle of wills as well as brawn.

Allys wants to choose her own husband, one who loves life and laughter as much as she does. One who considers her a partner instead of a possession. She has never had any choice but to live by her father’s decisions, and now he’s offering her as grand prize in a tournament.

Thorin must win the hand of a nobleman’s daughter to regain the wealth and position of his family. Consumed by guilt, he will risk his very life to win. Not even her attempts to sabotage his victory will get in his way.

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Cathy MacRae
Cathy MacRae
Apr 05, 2021

Love this scene, Bambi!


Poor Paul. He sounds like some men I've known :) Totally besotted with his own voice and opinions !!


Lovely snippet, Bambi.

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