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“Ashley York has spun a tale of love, lust, and conquering obstacles.”

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And the beat goes on #MedMonSum19

Welcome back for week three of the blog hop where I feature outstanding medieval romance authors who know how to spin a tale that draws you in, create characters bigger than life, and never fail to create a satisfying happy-ever-after to brighten your day.

Today I have Mary Gillgannon with a snippet from her latest release Lady of Steel. And the way this works is that she is featuring the next snippet from my latest release Daughter of the Overking. For a chance to win free stuff, leave a comment here


“We wait,” Fawkes said. “Mortimer hasn’t fought a battle in years, perhaps never. He’ll want to negotiate.”

Fawkes’s prediction was confirmed when the troop of knights halted a few paces away and their leader raised his helm. Although he immediately recognized the hated face, Fawkes knew a moment of shock. Mortimer’s face was puffy and red, and his eyes appeared as mere slits in the bloated flesh. He looked little like the youthful and vigorous man Fawkes recalled.


One rapturous hour sparks unforgettable passion between Lady Nicola and Fawkes de Cressy. The memory of their time together enables Fawkes to survive the perils of the Crusades and gives Nicola the hope and strength to endure a brutal marriage. But when Fawkes returns three years later, he finds Nicola enmeshed in a dark web of castle intrigue. Fawkes has also been altered by the hardships and cruelties of war, and Nicola fears to trust him with her secrets or her heart.

Surrounded by enemies, the battle-hardened knight and the aloof, wary woman must rebuild the bond between them. Only if they dare let the soul-stirring magic their bodies share grow into love can they escape the sinister plot that threatens to destroy them both.

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