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“Ashley York has spun a tale of love, lust, and conquering obstacles.”

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Welcome to my den, a place for solace and relaxation, brimming with books and imagination. Subscribe via the button, or log into your profile on the blog menu and subscribe for instant delivery.

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A New Offering of Medieval Books to Love #MedMonSum19

We all hate Mondays. Well, maybe not all. Many of us hate Mondays. The weekend is over and it's back to work and the old routine. To help brighten up your Mondays, we offer a medieval game of sorts. Ten medieval fiction writers. Ten excerpts.

Each week, ten different blogs will host little snippets from a longer excerpt. Like a treasure hunt, you have to follow along where it goes and leave a comment. Stop by here each week and I'll feature a different medieval author. You'll be entered into a contest to win an e-book from one of the authors, a signed paperback from another author, or even Amazon gift cards.

Today I feature myself :) Here's the beginning snippet from Daughter of the Overking, book three in The Warrior Kings series. This book was previously published under the title Daughter of the king.


“Before she could answer, the large door to the great hall was shoved open with so much force that all in the room gasped. The dancers froze mid step, their eyes locked on the entryway, and even the musicians halted their playing to turn toward the sound.

Five large hooded men, covered with mantles of wolves’ fur, well armed with axes, shields, and swords entered the hall. Warriors.

Follow along next week to see what comes next! I'll be the featured author on Rue Allyn's blog


A mistaken identity. A gruesome murder.

Trained as a warrior...

Brighit of Clonascra despises the trappings and demands of womanhood and is far more comfortable training for battle. Long held alliances require she set aside selfish dreams and take Darragh as her husband. The union intended to promote peace between the clans is interrupted by the shocking murder of a neighboring king and she quickly discovers there are far worse things than being wed.

Trained to be king...

Darragh of Drogheda has no wish to be king, but he is an obedient son and supports his father's plans. His marriage to Brighit, however, will be no hardship at all since he finds her most intriguing when she fights him at every turn. A she-warrior indeed. Her persistent dismissal of him merely blows the fire aflame and sets him down the path to discovery of all her most tightly held secrets—secrets that could cost him his life.

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