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“Ashley York has spun a tale of love, lust, and conquering obstacles.”

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#MedMonWin19 Rue Allyn

Today I welcome Rue Allyn to my blog with a snippet from The Herald's Heart. Enjoy!


Even proclaiming himself King Edward’s royal herald failed to gain their cooperation.

“T’ earl’s disappeared and ’tis haunted, sir,” they claimed.

They exchanged taunts with him, and Talon left the alehouse swearing to spend the night in the keep and catch any ghost that wandered its halls. If he could ever find the cursed place.

He very much doubted the earl had vanished. More like he was hiding because he knew he’d incurred Edward I’s wrath.

Catch last week’s excerpt on Rue Allyn’s Blog

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Royal herald, Sir Talon Quereste could never love an overly adventurous, impulsive, argumentative woman of dubious background who threatens everything he values. Lady Larkin Roshan can only despise a man who would deny her identity and steal her heritage. So why has fate thrown them together to solve the mysteries of the heart?

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