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“Ashley York has spun a tale of love, lust, and conquering obstacles.”

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#WeWriWar - Astrid Is the One He Prefers

WeWriWa continues with some interesting snippets for your enjoyment ;)

I'm continuing with Eyes of the Seer, book two in The Derbfine Series. In Marcán’s POV. Enjoy!


“Oh, Astrid.” He gripped his hands to keep from reaching for her. “Forgive my heartless words. Ye do not need to hear such things.”

He was babbling like a damn fool and shook his head.

“Please do not feel ye must stay here with me. I am fine, but I am not fit company.”

The auburn-haired lass returned. Closing the door behind her, she waited until Marcán’s eyes found her. Then, a fresh horn in her hand, she approached him with determined steps. Looking into her eyes, he knew her willingness.

In ancient Ireland, men and women take to the legends for answers. Different-colored eyes are the mark of a Seer, it is said, and those who can see the future are in league with the devil. They cannot be suffered to live.

He wishes to prove himself…

Marcán of Clonascara bears the bloodline of Brian Boru, the legendary high king, and his prowess as a warrior has earned him great respect. But he was born with different-colored eyes, and there are some who would have him suffer a Seer’s fate. His fiercest adversary is Beibhinn, mother to Diarmuid, his close friend and king, and Astrid, the woman who holds his heart. If Astrid ever showed him any interest, he would fight Beibhinn and any army to wed her. She is desperate to escape… Astrid is sick of her mother’s belittling, but her brother is in no hurry to see her married, so she decides to see to her own match-making. The man she approaches quickly reveals his lack of honor, but her overbearing mother pushes her to wed him anyway. When Astrid discovers Marcán’s love for her, she realizes that what she wants has been in front of her all along. True happiness awaits them, but only if they can put a stop to her mother’s plans.

Paperback and e-copy available here.


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