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Stone of Destiny - Movie Review

Maybe I shouldn't call these thoughts a "review" but "feedback" because I am not trying to be critical. I'm sharing my feedback on a movie I watched and enjoyed in the hope of encouraging you to watch it, too. Maybe you've already seen it and liked it or didn't like it. You're welcome to add your feedback in the comments.

I watch movies that catch my interest and this one did so for obvious reasons. I've been to Scotland and seen the famous stone where all the Kings of Scotland had been crowned. An important ancient symbol of Scotland's wonderful past. The fact that the stone was stolen by LONGSHANKS (please hear that name in your head with the most disgusted tone of voice - like if you found a cockroach in your soup!) only begs the question - Why has it not been returned to the nation of Scotland by now with no conditions? Ah! The glitch is that word "nation" and what it means, but I'll save that for another time. Here's a link to an article written by Philip Coppens for more background.

I thought Stone of Destiny was a good movie. The true events were well told and kept me interested (and awake!). The pride and determination of a Scotsman, a bit of romance, and a lot of humor. If you love entertaining movies about Scotland's grand history, I would highly recommend it.

I think the parents of the young man who sets about retrieving the Stone perfectly portray the general consensus of the majority of Scots. As a transplanted Scot myself, their reaction brought tears to my eyes.

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