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“Ashley York has spun a tale of love, lust, and conquering obstacles.”

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#Medievalhop With Ruth A. Casie

Welcome back to another Medieval Monday. I have a snippet from The Highlander's English Woman. Look at this cover! Woo hoo. Check it out :)

He stilled her trembling hand. Her brows creased in pain over eyes that stared off without seeing. He waited.

“I find it difficult to comprehend we’ll not see Richard again.” Laura’s voice choked and she shrugged with resignation despite tears that threatened at the edges of her eye.

“Me as well,” Jamie said. He had the same thoughts.

“How long are you staying with us?” Her question was reasonable but he dreaded answering.

“I return to Caerlaverock tomorrow.” He took a deep breath and saw a momentary flash of

disappointment in her eyes.

BLURB: Laura Reynolds is in love with her long-time friend, Jamie Maxwell Collins. She adores his playful sense of humor, caring nature as well as his strong sense of family and honor.

Jamie lives across the border in Scotland. Outwardly carefree, he hides a dark secret. He can’t involve Laura in this deception. He can’t give her hope for a future together.

Laura stumbles upon Jamie’s secret. In her heart of hearts she knows Jamie is innocent. Their relationship in tatters and with no hope of reconciliation, she plays a deadly game to exonerate Jamie, she agrees to a political marriage. She has no idea the entire game has been orchestrated by her future husband, Jamie’s greatest enemy.

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Follow along next week by checking out Elisabeth Hobbes’ blog for excerpt #7

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