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“Ashley York has spun a tale of love, lust, and conquering obstacles.”

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The Birds Along the Cliffs

It's the weekend again! Yay! I have to admit some Mondays it seems too far away, but we made it :)

My story continues with Lorcann and Aednat. I've added links so you can actually hear the late, great Frank McCourt pronouncing these case you like that sort of thing:


Her tone was biting, and he looked away as he nodded.

The sheer cliffs along the coast were a dangerous spot for anyone, and only trained men were given the duty of retrieving the eggs from the wild birds that nested there. It required steady feet to avoid the sharp plants and enough dexterity to remain clear of the birds when they resorted to their only defense for their young, projectile vomiting. Lorccán had not been so prepared.

"Do ye need to be getting into everything?" Aednat flattened her lips into her most disapproving expression. "Not a good thing for a wee lad to be taking on by himself."

"But Diarmuid the Despicable arrives any day."


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