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Can Bingeing Ever Be a Good Thing? #MFRWauthor

This week's prompt for the 52-Week blog challenge is "TV Shows I Binge" but bingeing is often associated with overeating or drinking, right? Those are bad things! The definition of binge refers to any activity:

a short period devoted to indulging in an activity to excess

Hmm, excess is the word that gets you. Smack! Right in the face! A bad thing...

And what about the word indulging? Indulging is something that cannot be done too often or it's no longer indulging and becomes the norm.

So I don't actually binge watch unless I'm sick and then I go to Netflix (which just keeps going from one episode to the next) and cue up a show that I've missed.

Let's face it, my job is sitting at a computer, moving my fingers. And we all know how bad it is to be sedentary. I have to set my timer (when I don't forget) so that I remember to get up and get moving (Thank you, Michelle Obama) because writing is very involved and I can easily lose track of time.

...just like watching television.

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