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Fifty Two Weeks...A Long Time? #MFRWAuthor

So as part of my "Blogging Regularly" goal for 2017, I've committed to #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge which will provide writing prompts intended to spark my imagination for a post. Considering that my brain is normally sparked every morning that I sit down at my computer to write, I should be pretty good at this... :)

This week's prompt? A few of my favorite things. Someone else may see that and immediately think of their list of things. As a vocalist, my first thought is of the song. Do you realize it can actually be sung in solfege? Well, yes, every song can be sung in solfege! But when Julie Andrews teaches it to the kids with words, she's teaching them the intervals! I know I didn't know that when I saw this movie in the theater (which was the first movie I'd ever been to that had an actual intermission!)and learned it years later.

Do re mi, do mi, do mi! - so Doe is a deer and it's also the tonic of a chord "do"

Re mi fa fa mi re fa - Ray is a drop of golden sun and the supertonic "re"

Mi fa so, mi so, mi so - Me is a name I call myself and the mediant "mi"

I find that fascinating! And it's actually an amazing song but sung with such simple words! Rogers and Hammerstein-pure geniuses. And now for your musical entertainment:


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