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#MedievalMonday with Bambi Lynn

I know. I know. It's Monday - yuk! It can be so much better if you make is a Medieval Monday. Check out this blog hop with some of the best medieval stories out there :)

Today I have Bambi Lynn with The Viking: Bron.

The strength and conviction in her voice surprised him, that she would show such courage in the face of the unknown.

Despite her display, she flinched when he raised his arm toward the door.

“You are free to leave whenever you want,” he said. They stood there, staring each other down.

Follow along next week at Mary Morgan’s blog. Be sure to comment for a chance to win an e- copy of Bron.

After escaping the brutal tyrant who holds her under his boot, Leda’s newfound hope is shattered to discover her safe-haven to be nothing more than a den of brutal Norsemen, intent on conquering all of Francia and claiming its riches for their own. When she is offered as a bed slave to the fiercest Viking of them all, she despairs to realize freedom comes at a price.

Brondulf Adilson has struck terror into his enemies for as long as he can remember, to include the women who share his bed. Shunned for his frightful appearance, he doesn’t expect compliance from his new thrall and is resigned to forcing her to his will.

But the beauty he finds himself saddle with turns out to be anything but meek and compliant.

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#MEDIEVALHOP #MedievalMonday

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