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Is It Ever Too Late To Change?

I will be married for 34 years this December. We were very young when we married but decided experiencing life together was better than doing it alone. We moved to a couple different places early on but always came back to New England. I think it's in the DNA of every New Englander, sort of like the salmon: you must return to where you were born. We bought a house in the same town we grew up in and have lived here for twenty-five years.

So I'd been thinking I would like to move away from this town, not too far, but move away from where I grew up. Probably because of my love of history, I'd like to be in an older house in an area with an interesting past. I've found that place. We're still working on the details so it may not happen, but I love the house. I love the idea of living in the house. I can see myself there. I have this nagging question though: Is it too late for me to make such a big change in my life?

I'd be in a new place, although I am very familiar with the area. Will I miss the things I have here? The things I've grown to love about this house? The routines I've established here? Is it too late for me to face this new challenge? To set up a new house? What do you think? Is it ever too late to make big changes in your life?

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